Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hunting Report 28.03.09


TESCO SEMENYIH (This gonna be a long story)
My atention was given more to this Tesco since it has not restocked in a while. It was a rainy day that day I remember (creating atomosphere...haha). People were driving very slowly and the jam to Tesco through Semenyih Town was a slow crawl. Once I reached, I alighted from the car and went straigh to the hotwheels department and wouldn't you know it, a Tesco girl was pushing a trolley with 2 boxes of hotwheels to "top up" the racks(In her own words). Because of the promo on hotwheels, basically the single carded hotwheels are placed at 2 different locations in most if not all Tescos, one which is the normal place in the Toy Department ailse and the other at the freakishly high rack, out of reach from adults let alone children. Anyway once I reached the racks near the toy ailse, I saw a regular qombee, Yippee!! Grabbed that and then proceeded to search for the girl pushing the troley to top up the freakishly high rack. As I reached she was not there, so I opened the already "opened" case and what do you know, a regular camaro. Now just when I was about to check the other case, an "Uncle" with tinted spectacles, a cap and a moustache came with a Tesco boy. The Uncle saw me holding the camaro and and looked quite annoyed. Then the Tesco Boy and the man said something to each other which I cannot hear and then the Tesco boy came and said to me that the Uncle is here to buy the whole box for his "shop". I said can buy a whole box ka?. "Call your manager" but it turns out the supervisor(I think) was nearby so he came over and I said can people book whole box, not first come first serve for items sold in Tesco? Supervisor said No. Everything is sold to anyone without prior booking policy. So since I was first at the box, I opened the second one, ai $uper and regular Camaro right on top(the uncle managed to say some 4 letter word-will not reveal otherwise you will know his race), grabbed that, the Reverb and Baja bug and I thought ok time to go before this gets out of hand...Before I went, the uncle managed to ask "Collector ah?", I looked at him and then answered Yah, pointed at the boxes and said to him "your turn". Went to counter paid and went home.
Today I went back to Tesco Semenyih and saw that all the cars have been fitted into anti theft see through plastic boxes which is half of the hotwheels card size so they folded each hotwheels card almost in half to fit into the anti theft hotwheels boxes....unbe..freaking..liveable...who is gonna collect hotwheels from here now, but hey I will still grab a thunt folded or not...hehe


kurz said...

wow so one box may contain a super n reg together? or only for camaro wave?


Each box will have at least 1 regular thunt. But if you are lucky you will also find the super thunt along with the regular. So the one that is always in there or supposed to be in the box is the regular. However there are some cases where mattel packs the super or none at all wave, like the current qombee wave or the previous DK wave. In this case, then you will have no regular in there at all but this happens sometimes.