Saturday, February 19, 2011

PY $uper Corvette POS


Now I know 100% that the megane wave carries the Corvette thunt 2011 like I have been telling some collector friends. But I was really unprepared when I saw the Super right in front of me on the toy department counter when I went shopping in Jusco, when I least expected it after church, Well I know God can sometimes surprise us without us really putting 100% into it, such as me hunting today. Anyway its a pleasant surprise, SaW another collector approaching with his wife and family and I quickly made my way to the counter, POSed and paid for the cars. Well I am thankful for today and todate I have 4 Supers thunt, 11 left to find......Gambateh



Ammar said...

Wah... kelabu mata .. i still hunt TH$ carded for the 1st time, hope i can find it . Congrats


All the best my Friend.