Wednesday, December 31, 2008


We are in the midst of the drift king wave and the start of the 16 Angels wave. I have not found any 16 Angels yet and reports are just starting to come in that it is found in Seremban and Shah Alam area. However back to talking about the driftking, I would like to draw your attention to the super and the regular drift king. I found a super driftking the other day and noticed that the paint is gloss black , exactly like the regular.
Is it supposed to be this way? Usually, the super thunt would have spectraflame paint but after inspecting both the super and regular driftking, I have to conclude that there is no difference at all with respect to the paintjob. Its just plain old glossy black. The only difference I can find are the rubber tyres and the dollar sign on the card. Anyway happy hunting. Hope to find a 16 Angels which may land in a store near you soon.

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