Saturday, October 9, 2010

$upers 2010 Completed

I have officially come to love international trades. You can get cars a lot more faster with international trades, why didn't I think of this before. :P

Have to trade double $upers for 1 of their $upers just to complete but managed to do get what I want. Traded for the Shelby cobra with 5 Speed machines + postage, damn, thats the most expensive among the lot. A bit regret. But anyway it was worth it afterall waves in malaysia are a bit slow and we are getting 2011 cars now. Anyway enjoy the pics

$upers 2010

Regulars 2010

Stay tuned for more overseas trades. :P


kuku said...

nice one and congraz! speed machines is rather easy to get here but not the $TH though. so it's still a good trade. :D


Thanks kuku, but speed machine plus postage 100 over ringgit......its not cheap.

kuku said...

yea that's the 'cost' if wanted to trade oversea. make sure can trade multiple items at one time if not ebay will probably cost cheaper price since our currency is very strong again UDS now. :D

matchboxcub said...

wow!! congrats on your completion of 2010 Thunt $uper + regular!! that is mighty fine trade bro even tho bit Xpensive but some thunt I dont think even manage to reached Msia :P


@kuku- I did ask them to give me a complimentary regular thunt to go with the Super but ya kind of wasted did not ask for more cars to trade with.


@matchbox - If you think of it, yea its an ok trade but I still feel its expensive. Anyway thanks

shaz @ kurz said...

wah if trade locally need hard work to find good stuff
trade oversea need hard money to get the stuff!
but then getting ahead of other players in completing the collection surely is the best feeling and worth the effort.
congrats! ^^


Actually most of the trades started from people who came and visited my blog. I did not expect to finsih completing so fast but its a nice feeling. Thnaks kurz. But I will take kuku's advice. Next time trade with multiple things.....its actually quite expensive the postage.....arrgh