Tuesday, November 23, 2010

$uper POS of the day

$uper GTX number 7. You dare to show your face, then I will find you. Where is the new wave man....Anyway enjoy the pic.



kuku said...

we use to complain before that mattel don't understand malaysian collectors favourite casting. now mattel is like - 'nah ambik ni!' and purposely flood our market with this gtx1 wave which come with 2 evos and 3 R34s cars. it's a curse but in a good way. lol. :p


I guess they are beginning to understand us but still to much of a good thing is just too much:P. What I would like to see is for mattel to distribute in such a way that I can finish collecting from all the waves not repeat waves and repeat old waves. I mean look, I 've got so many repeat $upers already.