Friday, October 28, 2011



Only at Tesco, is what I would like to say, where the prices go crazily low. Garage series prices have plummeted again to the benefit of collectors. Now only costing RM4.48 per car, dayum, I went and bought almost the whole box. Funny thing is I went to two TESCO and both of them did not have any price indicating the garage series cost 4.48 each.
Photobucket (TESCO 1 - picture taken after I took the last 4)

Photobucket (TESCO 2)

I only knew they were this cheap by scanning the barcode myself and thats when I realized its on promo sales.

So please go to your nearest TESCO and get yourself the cars that you like. Anyway let the pics do the talking.



Anonymous said...

Dude its not promo ... but its price mismatch...i suggest u hush2.

Sports Cars Miami said...

Indeed Tesco’s move to simplify its promotions and compete more heavily on price is also a response to more intense competition.

Anonymous said...

I got the same series thay are back at 19.90 ...very2 pelik.