Tuesday, July 7, 2009

POS for the day

Its teh camaro wave hitting most C4 hypermarkets this time round. And one very common finding is the regular camaro on a super camaro card. This is an error that a lot of hunters have found, which makes the regular on the regular card the uncommon one. Anyway manage to get 3 camaros so far in this camaro wave. Some I have heard found 6 or 7 and even supers to boot. But I found two supers in the last camaro wave.
And you know I could not believe my eyes when I was looking at ebay, since the dry spell for new hotwheels wave is still hitting us, I could not believe my eyes that the super camaros are selling for more than RM100 ringgit each. That is so expensive. Anyway through trades I have managed to complete my regular 08 thunt. yay, although one of them is a US card it will have to do. Will post the pic later.

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