Friday, July 3, 2009

Qombee Eclipse

Just when you thought the sun has come out, I found myself starring at the eclipse of the Qombees, all 16 of them, arranged by color, which is green, neatly on the top rack. If this was a few months back, I would probably say WOW!! and thank the god of hotwheels but its not like that at all. Well what do you do? well my first instinct was to check each for a Super, nope no super, then I checked each one for error, nope no errors. They are all identical. Last thing to do is to take apic and POS it here.

On another note, jusco is selling hotwheels basic cars for RM4.90 each and have restocked either qombee or chevy 55. I found a chevy 55 today.

1 comment:

maverick said...

where u found there? amazing :)