Thursday, December 10, 2009

2010 Thunt Wave is in town Part 2

Well been away and busy as of lat and did not manage to hunt for a week but I felt like I deserve a little breather since I got lucky with these 2 babies. Some call them "ugly" babies and I must agree because its rather dull overall except the wheels. But here is the start of my 2010 super thunt collection and I feel its a good start despite the "curse" by certain quarters :) hehe.

Well after looking at others' haul on the super classic packard, the difference on the card is not as obvious as previoius years as they are set apart by the $ sign. But after getting my own and upon closer inspection, the dollar signs do exist on the 'S' of the word TREA$URE HUNT$. Anyway a close up picture will explin clealrly what I mean.



danielh said...

Apart from this, what interested me is that new logo or icon for the THunt has changed from the carded 09.
The logo is on top centre of the green card with the letter T right in the middle of the letter H.
And this makes the Thunt logo more elegance.


Yes mattel became more artful with the logo this time round, its an improvement

Jovet's Garage said...

You're on a roll on those THunt finds. Congrats!

THunts are very very hard to find here in the Philippines since the local HotWheels distributor filters them out from the boxes. They only release them at certain events with ugly cars as sets. =(


Hi Jovet thanks. Its sad to hear that the thunts are being filtered, Over here, we have people on the inside the supermarkets who filter for certain collectors/scalpers. You will only see them in ebay or the flea markets with jacked up prices.