Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hotwheels Motorcycles

Another Mattel offering, a new line called Hotwheels motorcycles. Nice and cute, well detailed and colorful with a rider for each bike, is what I can describe from closeup observation. However for diecast fans, these will probably not be on your shopping list as it is made up entirely out of plastic. However, its definitley a nice collection if you wish to collect and dish out RM13.90 for each bike. This was spotted in Carrefour.



danielh said...

nice motor and added figurine too!!


Yeah they are cute

Andy in Media PA (usa) said...

update: these have changed names (both the series and the bikes) they are called SPEED CYCLES. and there is a playset. but these are attracting, it seems from discussion, adult collectors.

they are very cool