Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bad to the Bone

This is the boneshaker 2009 treasure hunt series. This may be the boneshaker that popularise this particular casting to people previously not into this casting. It certainly did to me and now I kinda wonder how smart is Mattel marketing strategist? Anyway I let loose one to see it up close and its a beautiful casting. Let the pics do the talking.





danielh said...

nice bone shaker! infact this was included in the 2009 thunt series and yet many collectors are still looking for them now and agreed with you, those havent started collecting this casting have already hooked up on the bone shaker fever!

anyways, thanks for the bone shaker!
i'm happy and it's one of my best treasure hunt i've ever had!


Yeah, most people who do not even give the boneshaker a second look are doing so now all because of the thunt....hehehe I myself am fighting the urge...

And you are most welcome friend.