Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dodge Charger SRT8 drift car

This car has landed in Malaysian stores and is probably popular with collectors. So far you can only find one per box in the talladega wave. Anyway this car has value in terms of it being a model for the real 1:1 car where good old american muscle has been transformed into a drift car, someting to rival their Jap counterparts. Anyway found something on youtube and the car does look awesome whether its hotwheels 1:64 or Sam Hubinette driving the 1:1 dodge charger Mopar car. Let the pics o the talking.





danielh said...

thanks for sharing!! still havent get this yet but i can see it here up closed. Very nice tempos and colours!


No probs daniel, yes its paint reminds me of one of those mobile phone"skins" instead of paint.....nice