Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TH Camaro Concept Wave

Well need to blog about this eventually...so here goes. This is the newest wave at the moment, the thunt Camaro Concept wave or some are calling it the "ghostbusters" wave.


Anyway this camaro reminds me of the previous 2008 dodge viper thunt cause ts orange with white stripes on top much like the viper.



Its moderately nice but the printing of the colors especially the back which are pretty misaligned are common with all the camaros thunt I have found to date. The front too leaves alot to be desired especially the lack off detail. Anyway let the pics do the talking.


danielh said...

nice ghostbuster car! still havent gotta this, hehe.. but saw this carded sold in flea market for almost 6 times the normal carede basic cars.Do you believe it?
Not buying at this price as i still can hunt ir elsewhere at retail price.LOL!


Hi Bro daniel..well right now everybody is hunting so these cars are still new on the racks. Some people try to make a quick buck from that....give it time, slow and steady in hunting, do your rounds and you will score.....and sometimes you will find $uper...:)