Wednesday, March 3, 2010

UPDATE 7-11 Hotwheels Hauls

Manage to find one more whcih I did not expect, Now I got four. Happy Happy :)


I only hit one 7-11 today and its the one that was still waiting restocks even after not recieving any since the last Friday and Monday deliveries. This one came on the 3rd day and to my luck, its another $uper....took my time to POS because not rushing to another 7-11 like a crazy guy for the last 2 days . So if there are similar 7-11 who were still waiting for deliveries, you may want to remember where they are and go take a look. Anyway enjoy



danielh said...

congrats on your TH$ talladega!!!
your effort reaps very good hauling result!


Its ridiculoous I know to hunt like a night owl that does not sleep but I had fun doing it....thanks and congrats to you as well for scoring the $uper. Sometimes people do not know how hard work is the main difference and of course luck :)

kuku said...

congraz py. this year there's lots more people hunting compare to last year promo. arrrggggg i'm still missing the last element of hunting!


Thanks kuku. This year many were hunting right into the wee hours of the morning to get the thunt so its a good challenge actually to score anything even if its a regular.