Saturday, March 13, 2010

Who ya gonna call!!? GHOSTBUSTERS


My beloved show of the 80's has been materialzed in the hotwheels basic cars 2010. Who did not know the song? Who would not recognize the ecto-1?
I guess almost everybody my age would know this blockbuster hit. ANyway the hotwheels version is quite nice to me, not extremely detailed especially the top contraption but what do you expect for a hotwheels basic.
But the rest of the car is good and the side stripes and the back is acceptable. The car is metalbase so its just as heavy as any norml metal based cars. If you concerntrate more on its weight, you will find that its kinda hefty. :) Anyway this car is a must have for any Ghostbuster fan or even if you are not a fan for its nostalgic quality....ah the good old days....


kenny said...

where to find this ecto-1..

i'm a big fans of ghostbusters..

do u have extra???

let me knw if u have any extra/ knw whr i can find it... thx / 019-3147141 [Kenny]

Shaz said...

waagh jeles jeles~ :P
nice pics! lets do some detailing on that top part! :D

danielh said...

nice ecto! yes, these casting are long waited and it's here now.It's a big phenomenal movie hits in the 80's and followed by series of sequeneces and this casting are pretty interesting too!

nice pictures PY! hehe, i still can't get this at the moment...


@kenny - yeah Ghostbuster fan....right now certain Giant, Jusco,parkson, c4 have restocked....So try going to your nearet and have a loo and good luck

@kurz - you volunteering to do the detailing heheheh:)

@daniel - thanks and yeah, I was waiting for this casting since it was announced coming out....