Thursday, June 10, 2010

11th June POS for the day

If you are seeing these in my POS again, don't blame me, I only get what our hotwheels market have to offer.....anyway stay tuned for more POSes


By the way, one of this was fresh out from the box and there were 2 srt8 K&N cars in the same box where one regular ratbomb was found. Now I am confused. Did they modify the assortments of cars in the ratbomb wave a little bit? Earlier there was only one K&N car in there. I really don't know. So if yo do see 2 K&N cars on the pegs and no ratbomb, it could have been taken by someone earlier than you.


kuku said...

so far all the fresh rat wave stock i encounter (almost reaching 2 digit already =.="" ) came with 2 K&N.


Almost 2 digit, thats quite a lot already :)

ronnychee96 said...

time to refesh with new wave!!


yup ckh, thats true