Tuesday, June 1, 2010

2010 $upers so far

More rats infesting places like Tesco and Giant. Looks like we are stuck with the rats at the beginning of the month.

Anyway my quest to collect and complete this year's 2010 $upers are still far far away. I still cannot find the chevroletor and Olds 5.5 Super. In fact I cannot even find the Olds 5.5 wave altogether, not on my rounds anyway. The gangster grin wave was a hit and run, It came and then it was gone. Perhaps we will see more of it in the next few weeks or so. Stay tune for more hunting expeditions by yours truly.

I leave you with the supers I have so far. If you are looking to trade, email me. My email is in the shoutbox. Just click "mail".




ronnychee96 said...

wow!! $uper!! I only have the Packard $uper...from trade!!
Nice $uper u have there bro!!Drooling!


Yah, thanks, still a long way to go