Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nissan GTR Face off


I chanced upon this today and thought it looked quite good.

So I bought it to face off with the best gtr mould I know which is by Tomica, specifically the Tomica gtr limited. I did not bother to face it off with the hotwheels gtr since its a tad bit small. So anyway lets look at the pics for the verdict.



The tomica's scale is 1/61 and the fastlane is 1/60.

As requested a clearer pic of the interior


Danny said...

nice comparison bro. :)
what i notice is that fastlane's cast tends to have bigger logo or emblem, which is not proportionate to the car's size. Tomica is much more accurate. but still, the fastlane is only RM5.50. :p
if u dont mind, can we see the interior shots if possible? that'd be great! :D


Ok danny I have uploaded pics of the interior, its actually not too bad.

Danny said...

Thanks bro! awesome pics! Man, i wish could the fastlane and TL GTR too.. :D

danielh said...

nice GTR! i'm still looking for these fastlane version but still no luck finding them. As for your info, even though it's price at RM5.50 or not so famous brand, it still a hot items among japanese car collector.

Kin said...

Hi pydrumerboy,

Nissan GTR is a dream car for people like us.

As what Daniel said is true.


GadgetFreQ said...

If i'm not mistaken.. Fastlane is Realtoy. And Tesco is selling them under their own packaging. Now were selling RM5 for 2 pcs. (1 pc is RM2.90). Keep looking for Tesco's (Realtoy) Subaru Impreza (GDB-F). I don't regularly see GDB-F Impreza's in diecast. Except for WRC version.