Sunday, December 7, 2008


That's the name given to this particular model. It is in the shape of a carbonated drink and hence the name. Many people I know are looking for this particular model since its debut in late November or middle of November 2008. The Malaysian hotwheels market is kinda slow but I manage to get a few. The reason for it being quite the chase item is because its uniquely useful. For beer drinkers like me and my friends, it comes in particularly handy as a bottle cap opener. But not only that, at the front end of the car, its a beer can opener as well.
So its quite the novelty car. Go get it now at some 7-11 stores that come with the funny car thunt wave. 7-11 stores in Malaysia are having a 1 month promotion which includes hotwheels cars. My verdict is the Carbonator is amust get model for a collector or the casual beer drinker...haha.



aris raptorclans said...

This has such high levels of WIN man! I've never seen any of this around though...

yayix said...

now i'm lovin my carbonator more :)