Monday, December 8, 2008


This is my first hotwheels Error card. I have a few Error cars but only one error card. Error cards are probably not that big a deal here in Asia. I find it a bigger deal in the states but I could be wrong.

However to add to the excitement, this error card comes with none other than a super T-hunt Hotbird. A super thunt hotbird on a super thunt dodge viper card. Yes you heard it right. Apparently someone said that it could fetch a good price after 10 years. I am not too sure about that, that guy could just be kidding. Anyway from what I can find on ebay, there are no super treasure hunt error cards that I can compare with to know roughly how much its worth. However selling it is not on my mind for now. I will just keep this as a hotwheels hunting souvenir....haha

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