Sunday, December 14, 2008


Its December and soon 2008 will come to an end. So far we have only seen 8 different hotwheels waves namely the 300c, dodge viper, buick, mustang, plymouth, hotbird, funny car, and more recently drift king. That makes 8 different waves that has hit our malaysian shores. Actually we shouldn't say hit our Malaysian shores because Hotwheels are made in Malaysia. It will be more accurate to say 8 waves of hotwheels were released in Malaysia. That leaves us with another 4 more thunt waves which we are yet to see but we do not know when. My personal hope is that we will see it soon as I am optimistic as a hunter for thunts and super thunts. I hope that they will come out soon. Maybe all these 4 waves will come out simultaneously and we will get to see them in the month of December spilling into the month of January next year, I don't know but I hope to be able to complete the 2008 thunts. May I hit the motherload soon....haha

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