Friday, December 19, 2008



Since last week, many collectors have reported finding cars that belonged to the Drift King wave. So with great excitement and anticipation many of us thought that our chance to get our hands on the Drift King thunt had arrived. However it was not to be or perhaps I should say so easy. The reason is because this wave which belongs to the drift king just does not come with the regular thunt but instead it comes with the very rare and hard to find super drift king. Problem is there are not that many supers to go around and so many of us have yet to find a regular or super drift king even though the new wave has hit.
However this wave does come with some great cars like the orange new beetlecup, the urban agent, saleen, mercs clk, and many more muscle cars not included in this picture. Close up picture will follow soon of these cars. At the meantime keep on hunting people and find that super drift king(telling myself also) before its too late....I found mine at Tesco for RM5.70 and some others I have seen are at Jusco at RM5.90.

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